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Funskool Stratego Original

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  • Toys and Games
  • The game board is your battlefield
  • You have an army of men at your disposal and six bombs
  • Your mission is to capture your opponent’s flag and protect your own
  • Move with caution and courage, the next piece you attack could be a bomb
  • Contents includes: Game board, fortress screen, 40 piece red army, 40 piece blue army, display tray, label sheet and instruction

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Stratego Original

This classic battlefield simulating game is played with the objective of capturing your opponent’s flag while protecting your own. The game is designed with appealing graphics, that can instantly encourage young kids to play.

Develops Strategic Skills

This strategic board game helps in developing the decision making ability and cognitive skills in kids of age – 8 years and above. It enhances the child’s IQ at an early age as it indulges them in devising various plans and strategies for taking down the enemy flag.

Exciting to Play

The game involves two players who play the role of the commander in chief of armed forces. Each commander has an army of 40 people along with six bombs at their disposal. This game enables the player to outwit the opponent with spies and a cunning infiltrator, that makes it exciting.

Excellent for Gifting

This Strategy board game is intuitively designed to offer an enjoyable experience. The board has appealing battlefield graphics. The game set includes a fortress screen, 40 pieces of red army soldiers, 40 pieces of blue army soldiers, a label sheet and instruction guide.

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Dimensions 40 × 27 × 5 cm


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