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Funskool Belly Battle

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  • Children understand the basics of financial concepts like rent and banking while having fun
  • Gameplay concepts like Takeover Battle hone strategic planning and negotiation skills
  • Perfect choice for family game time, bringing together players of all ages in competitive spirit

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  • Game Board, Play sets

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Welcome to Belly Battle! The smartest business game on restaurant. Choose amongst delicious cuisines such as Mexican, Indian, American , Italian or Japanese by paying a visit to one of the 24 restaurants in St. Cheeseburg. Buy restaurants from Mr.Munchwalla and collect Munch Fees from other players or choose to upgrade your restaurants by hiring more chefs or getting a Star rating. Exchange, swap or take over other restaurants. A real game of business! Game Play – 1. Choose a Pawn and place them on the Start Position. Each player starts with 1000 Rupees. 2. On a Players turn, they can land on either restaurants/corner cafes or special spaces , accordingly, they have to i) Buy available restaurant/cafes ii) Pay the restaurant owner/or the basic fees to Mr. Munchwala iii) Do as per the instructions on the special spaces. 3. Players can upgrade their restaurants and can buy , exchange, swap them during the game play. 4. When an player goes bankrupt, the game ends. Every other player then calculates their wealth. 5. The player who has the maximum wealth ( Sum of restaurants+chefs+ Stars+ Money), wins the game.

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