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Funskool – Play & Learn-Animals,Educational,16 Pieces,Puzzle,for 3 Year Old Kids and Above,Toy

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animal puzzle
animal puzzle-1

animal puzzle-2

animal puzzle-3

animal puzzle-4

Certainly! Puzzles can be a lot of fun, and they can also make our hands smarter and stronger

while playing with puzzles, children use their hands to pick up the puzzle pieces and put them in the right places. This helps children hands get stronger because children use their muscles to hold and manipulate the puzzle pieces. Just like exercise to make our bodies strong, playing with puzzles exercises children hands and makes them stronger too!

Puzzles also make children hands smarter. When children look at a puzzle piece, they have to think about where it might fit. Children use their brains to figure out the right shapes, colors, and patterns. As children do this, their brains and hands work together to find the right fit. This makes children brains and hands become smarter because they are practicing problem-solving and thinking skills.

Collect all puzzle pieces and learn about animals

Collect all the puzzles pieces and solve the puzzle to form all the animals, and identify each animal with their names. a perfect companion for the children to learn about different animals

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