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Funskool Balanced Diet Puzzle

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  • Different types of food that are needed to be for healthy Life
  • Easy & Educational Puzzle
  • Age: 3+
  • Educational Puzzle

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Learn while you Play!

A puzzle teaches young children about the concept of a ‘whole’ picture comprising of many pieces and that each piece is a fraction of the bigger picture.

It also helps develop basic skills such as shape recognition, improving hand eye coordination and memory skill

After solving a puzzle, it enables a sense of achievement, which will stand children in good stead for school.





This Balance diet Puzzle helps the kids to solve the puzzle as well as help to understand the various types of foods available under each classification of foods. Helps the child to interact with their parents.

Healthy Eating Pattern

A balanced diet is a diet that contains different kinds of foods in certain quantities and proportions so that the requirements for proteins, minerals, vitamins and alternate nutrients are adequate for a child. With this balanced diet puzzle have double the fun, first forming the colourful circular shaped puzzle and

then identifying and learning the different types of food that are needed to be healthy in life.

Fuel your Body

Follow a healthy eating pattern across the lifespan.

The path for improving health through nutrition is to follow a healthy eating pattern. Eating patterns are the combination of foods and drinks you consume over time. A lifetime of healthy eating helps prevent from chronic diseases,

This puzzle includes a free Guideline which will help kids to understand healthy eating habits

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