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Giggles Stacking Cubes

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  • Toys and Games
  • 8 colorful cubes in different sizes
  • Develops hand eye coordination and observation skills
  • Cubes have alphabets on the base
  • Matching colors, shapes and sizes

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Technical Details

From the manufacturer

Stacking Cubes

This multi-coloured stacking cube set includes 8 individual cubes of varying sizes. Each cube is designed to provide an intuitive learning experience. This cube set is ideal for children above 12 months of age.

8 Colourful Stacks

The eight multi-coloured cubes form a repetitive colour pattern when they are arranged according to their sizes. This enables the child to identify the basic primary colours. The cubes have alphabets embossed on the base, to further enhance your little one’s learning experience.

Improves Co-Ordination and Motor Skills

This stacking cube set is cleverly designed to improve the infant’s hand-eye coordination, memory, and motor skills. It teaches them the concept of colours, sizes, and shapes. This intuitive experience helps in exercising the brain. The cubes also build a kid’s observation skills at an early age.


The stacking set is made with high grade and non-toxic plastic material, that is moulded with detailed attention. The stacks do not have any rough edges, that might hurt the little one. It has a durable child-safe construction, that can be played with for years.

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Weight 209 g
Dimensions 3 × 4 × 5 cm


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