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Giggles Giraffe Abacus

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  • Attractive, gender neutral colors make this toy a great gift for both boys and girls. Perfect for ages 2 and up
  • Handcrafted premium quality wood and child safe paints. Durable toy that will last for years to come
  • Promotes counting and math skills at an early age, while also developing color and pattern recognition, hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills

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From the manufacturer

Wooden Abacus

An abacus is an ancient calculating tool, that can be used to count, add, subtract, multiply and more. This counting frame offers a fun and intuitive solution for teaching kids about numbers, colours and basic mathematics, while enjoying at the same time.

Vibrant and Appealing Beads

This wooden abacus features multi-coloured beads, that instantly attract the little one’s attention. It encourages them to grasp, spin or slide the beads. It also has giraffe shaped supports at the sides, to give the toy a fun and playful look.

Perfect for Teaching New Concepts

The toy abacus is cleverly designed for teaching the basic concepts of counting, colours, patterns, and more to kids. It is also perfect for teaching various mathematical concepts. It develops their hand-eye co-ordination and motor skills.

Child-Safe and Durable Construction

This intuitive abacus is made with high grade wood and non-toxic plastic material, that offers a sturdy and child-safe structure. The toy has no harsh or sharp edges. It is suitable for kids of the age group three years and above.

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