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Funskool Rummikub

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  • Combine Strategy and Luck to clear your rack and win
  • Perfect multigenerational game!

What is in the box?

  • 106 Tiles (8 sets of Tiles 1-13 in 4 colours and 2 Jokers) 4 racks + racks holders and detailed Rules

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Rummikub Classic Front Packaging

Rummikub Classic Back Packaging

Rummikub Classic Game Play

Rummikub Game Play


The objective is to be the first player to use all the tiles in your rack by creating sets on the table. The rules are easy to understand and the game is fast paced, which ensures that your children stay engaged throughout the duration of the game.


The most important aspect of this game is strategy and how players use various strategies to help them win. Using at least one tile from their own rack, players try to lay as many tiles as possible on the table by forming new sets and rearranging or adding on to existing sets. Existing sets can be manipulated in many ways but must follow the rules for groups and runs.


Jokers can be used as any color and number to complete a set. On future turns, a joker can be retrieved from a set on the table by a player who can replace it with a tile of the same number and color the joker represents.

When a player retrieves a joker, the joker will once again have any value or color. The player must use the joker immediately to make a new set and must also use at least one tile from his/her rack, as on any other turn


The first player to clear his/her rack of all tiles wins!

Other players then add up the value of the tiles they are holding as a negative figure, and the winner of the game receives a positive score equal to the total of all the other player’s points. Play wisely – the penalty for having a joker on your rack is 30 points

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