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Funskool My Kaleidoscope

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  • Toys and Games
  • Funskool my kaleidoscope (a unique optical illusion kit ) handy craft to assemble, to explore, to learn various colors and magical shapes
  • A unique optical illusion kit best suited for children 5 plus years onwards
  • Child can easily customize and assemble her or his kaleidoscope
  • The do it yourself kit is appropriate to engage child for a creative pursuit, by indulging in glass painting and embellish lenses with beads to create the most enticing designs
  • This handy craft takes the child to a world of magical shapes and colors
  • When the eye is placed at one end of the reflectors, the original view from the aperture on the other side is multiplied into a symmetrical mosaic pattern
  • How a kaleidoscope works funskool’s my kaleidoscope operates on the principle of multiple reflection, where two or more reflectors are placed at an angle to one another
  • Creates confidence in child to follow a process through fun and learning, and will love creating this kaleidoscope almost as much as they’ll enjoy playing with it.

What is in the box?

  • > Object Lens (1 plain and 2 with etching for painting) – 3 Nos. > Kaleidoscope Lid – 1 No. > Assorted Beads – 1 Packet (Approx. 20 Nos.) > Colour Paint – 4 Bottles (Approx. 3ml Each) > Tranparent Paint – 1 Bottle (approx. 3ml) > Kaleidoscope Body with Attached Strap – 1 No. > Paint Brush – 1 No.

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Product description

Funskool my kaleidoscope (a unique optical illusion kit ), is a diy kit that a child can easily learn to assemble, color and to create visual magic by self. The kaleidoscope encourages imagination and exploration. When the child twists and turns a kaleidoscope, vibrant patterns and colorful combinations in perfectly beautiful and symmetrical forms appear. Kids will love making this kaleidoscope almost as much as they’ll enjoy playing with it afterward crafting is an excellent opportunity for a family to spend quality time together and bond. A cheerful gift with creative approach to pep up any child’s day a gift to keep forever from the manufacturer: Easy to create: The child is easily engaged with the process of making this kaleidoscope, and will enjoy playing with her or his creation with total satisfaction and excitement. The kit along with its different elements, is broken down to simple steps that is easy to assemble. Sense of responsibility: By handling different elements in the pack starting from small beads, colors, brushes, to bigger components such as lens – the child feels the responsibility of taking care of each element till the finish. Learns to follow instructions: This kit teaches the importance of following instructions. Whether it is handling the bead, coloring the lenses or body of kaleidoscope, putting together each component as per the steps given is important for the magic to work finally skills development.

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Weight 350 g
Dimensions 25.5 × 8 × 23 cm


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