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Funskool Giggles, Tambourine Rattle, 2 in 1 Colourful Musical Rattle for New Born Baby

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Funskool giggles tambourine rattle is a two-in-one toy which is a delight for babies 6 plus months old. Easy to grip and light to hold, pleasant sounds are created as the infant shakes the rattle. Infant will be encouraged to move hands to generate the sound and will kick his/her tiny feet with excitement. Apt for development of gross motor skills, keeps the child cheerful and safe. The soft rattle design promotes clutching and two-handed play. Tambourine rattle colors and sounds will simulate the senses in infant. Teach the child little rhythms with the rattle from the manufacturer: Action: A toy easy to grasp, to generate sound as infant shakes it. Multi-sensory clutching rattle encourages grasping and reaching which are important for gross motor skills sight, sound and touch: The soft colors, moving elements and music will make the infant wriggle with joy. Rattling sound while shaking teaches cause and effect. Interactive: Exercise for infant’s hand eye coordination ability of brain. Different colors, various shapes, unique design assists in developing baby recognition abilities. The button on the rattle gives out cheerful music, that will encourage child to explore the button again. Skills development: Rattle to stimulate baby’s listening, curiosity, shape identification ability and a great early development toy. Encourages active play and develops hand-eye coordination, develops imagination and creativity, shape recognition, color recognition, cognitive processes, fine finger skills and gross motor skills. Note: – Color and content of the product may vary from illustration. Safety: – Please retain this information for future reference. Batteries should be replaced by an adult. – Safe and non-toxic toy battery info: Lr44 alkaline battery (qty – 3) funskool giggles tambourine rattle toy box content: Funskool giggles tambourine rattle toy.

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