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Funskool Games – Sum Genius, Educational Game for Children, Maths, The Ultimate Fun Equation Game, Kids and Family, 1+ Player, 7 & Above,Multicolor

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  • Toys and Games
  • Funskool sum genius – arithmetic challenge board game
  • An apt game to instill in children a sense of achievement by taking up challenges and solving them
  • Solve the sum genius board using the 49 tiles (numbered on both sides)
  • Solve one row at a time by placing the numbered tiles to complete the equation however, during game play you may have to constantly keep interchanging or flipping the tiles to ensure that the equations are meaningfully solved
  • All it takes to start is knowledge of basic arithmetic, balancing equations, logical reasoning and aptitude
  • What counts to win is a quick thinking and strategic mind
  • The equation game is good brain training for all age groups
  • If you find it mind-bending, there are reference solutions provided
  • The box contains 1 game board, 49 pcs of number tiles (numbered on both sides) and instructions, if you solve all rows, you are some (sum) genius;The concept of arithmetic challenges always instills in children and adults alike importance of paying attention and focusing, analyzing, to be persistent, concept of time and strategic planning and logical thinking

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