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Fundough – Super Six

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  • Crack up your creative instincts with Fundoh super six pack.
  • Roll, mold and extrude lots of fun shapes and exciting creations with Fun Doh clay toys from Funskool. Unleash your creative juices to make vacations and leisure more magical while building confidence and pushing the imagination limit to the fullest. Create just about anything you can imagine with Fun Doh do-it-yourself clay toys.
  • It includes six 2 Oz Tubs.
  • Not recommended for children below 3 years.

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From the manufacturer

Funskool – Fundough - Super Six
Funskool – Fundough - Super Six

Funskool – Fundough - Super Six

Funskool – Fundough - Super Six

Funskool – Fundough - Super Six

Funskool – Fundough - Super Six

Your kids are going to love it, you will enjoy it!

Bring out the creative spark in your kid while making them smarter with the Funskool – Super Six dough playset. With 6 different colours of doughs which are packed carefully in a tub with a snap-on lid, the set is great for children who love to play with their hands and experiment new ways to spend their playtime.

Engage your kid with fun and vibrant colours

Watch your kid create, sculpt and mould their own world while you sit back and relax. The set contains 6 different colours of dough – orange, pink, dark blue, white, green and yellow. The doughs are soft enough and great for children above 3 years to handle and play with.

You’ll love watching them grow as they play

The Funskool – Super Six is great because it is not just a playset for fun. It is like a blank canvas for your kids with which they can engage their mind and experiment to create new and cool stuff. Not just that, it enhances their cognitive capability and improves their hand eye control. So when you see them sculpt and form shapes out of these doughs, they are not just playing, they are growing up while having fun.

Absolutely safe for your loved one

This playset from Funskool is 100% non-toxic and child-friendly, so you do not have to worry about any kind of mishap. All the elements of the playset are carefully designed with curved, soft edges to prevent any injuries. So, you get to relax and have your own personal time while your kid is safely engaged in a wonderful world of their own. Win-win for everyone right?

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Weight 380 g
Dimensions 27 × 27 × 4 cm


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