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Fundough Farm Set

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  • Color Name: Multicolor

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  • Cutter, Mould, Clay

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Funskool – Fundough - Farm Set
Funskool – Fundough - Farm Set

Funskool – Fundough - Farm Set

Funskool – Fundough - Farm Set

Funskool – Fundough - Farm Set

Funskool – Fundough - Farm Set

Make playtime wonderful for your kid

Wouldn’t it be great to visit your kid’s own farm? That is what you will be able to do when you get them the Funskool – Farm Set. With 4 differently coloured tubs of dough of 125gms each, the kit consists of all the things needed to create a miniature farm with a farmer, farm animals, trees, tractor, plough and more. Watch them raise their own animals, plough the land, and have a great playtime at home.

Has everything your kid needs for a complete farm

Your kid will never be bored and there will always be something exciting for them to create and play with. The Farm Set comes with a lot of add-ons like farmhouse, animal moulds, trees, plough, a farmer and even a scarecrow. Sit back and relax while your kid has all the fun with this complete set.

Feed their curiosity and make it memorable

The Funskool – Farm Set is not just about giving your kid a fun playtime; it is also about helping your kid grow. As your kid plays this, they get to learn to be patient and experiment things that are new to them. It also improves their cognitive skills and helps them to learn colours and shapes. It will also pique their curiosity and they would want to learn more about farming.

Absolutely safe for your loved one

This playset from Funskool is 100% non-toxic and child-friendly, so you do not have to worry about any kind of mishap. All the elements of the playset are carefully designed with curved, soft edges to prevent any injuries. So, you get to relax and have your own personal time while your kid is safely engaged in a wonderful world of their own. Win-win for everyone right?


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